Does Matcha product contain catechins?

Yes, Matcha naturally has catechins including EGCG and it has the highest amount of catechins in comparison to the other types of green tea on the market.

Does it have to be refrigerated?

Matcha powder does not need to be refrigerated but must be stored in a “sealed” container in a cool (25 Celsius), dark and dry place. Please always keep your Matcha powder stored this way to prevent moisture from entering the container.

Is your Matcha tested for heavy metals and radioactivity?

Yes, our Matcha is always tested to confirm the integrity of our product. Zen Spirit Matcha is free of heavy metals and radioactivity. Our Matcha Farmers are located in Western and Southern regions in the mountains and away from the harmful city pollution.

Do I need to purchase a “Bamboo Whisk” to use this product?

It's not a requirement to have a "Bamboo Whisk" to experience the benefits of Matcha. In fact, you can use an electric mixer or blender to mix the product normally. However, we are very traditional and we recommend using a bamboo whisk since it has been the traditional tool for drinking Matcha for centuries.

How many teaspoons of Matcha are in each bag?

In our 30 grams bag of Matcha, there is approximately 10 teaspoons, while the 100 grams bag has approximately 33 teaspoons.

Where is the expiration date located on the product?

The expiration date is located on the back of the bag on the lower side.

What is the flavor like? Is it sweet?

Matcha has a very unique flavor that has been known to be an acquired taste. It is a little bitter at first for beginners, however, after daily use most users learn to love it!

Is this product packaged in Japan, United States or China?

The Zen Spirit Matcha is both produced and packaged by experts in Japan.

Can this be mixed in with an all in one nutrition drink?

The Zen Spirit Matcha is both produced and packaged by experts in Japan.

Does this contain caffeine?

Yes, please check the Supplement Facts on each bag to confirm the amount of caffeine. However, the caffeine content in Matcha is low and comes from natural sources.

Where are the tea leaves from China or Japan?

Our Matcha is produced and packaged by experts in Japan.

What are the measurements by volume for your product? (tablespoons or another measure)?

We measure by using “Teaspoons” and not “Tablespoons”.

What area of Japan is your Matcha tea harvested?

Our Premium Matcha is harvested from exclusive farms in Japan, however, due to privacy concerns and non-disclosure agreements, we do keep our farmers locations anonymous and only disclosed to FDA and Organic Organizations.

Can you use this with hot water for a hot Matcha tea?

Yes, our culinary Matcha is premium and you can use it as a tea but the best idea is to make recipes with it since the best idea for making a Hot tea will be to get our Premium Ceremonial grade Matcha since for sure it will have the best quality for this purpose.

Is this product caffeine free?

No, Matcha naturally produces a small amount of caffeine.